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I am a Japanese, wait for Super Bowl XLV

I am a fan of American football living in Japan.
There are a lot of such people in Japan.
The Super Bowl XLV begins at half past 8 in Japan at the morning of Monday, and it is broadcasted live on TV.
I applied to the company for a holiday, and, as for me, it was admitted to watch Super Bowl on TV.
Such a person seems to be a strange person in Japan, but there is it in my others a lot.

I watch NFL from 1989.
And I became a fan of Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers.
The reason is because it came to like QB Don Majkowski and Bubby Brister of those days.
It was a dream within a dream, but the dream came true in an unbelievable thing this time in those days that the two teams faced it in Super Bowl.
I think oneself to be a lucky man.

I support Green Bay Packers this time.
Originally, if anything, it is because I like Green Bay from Pittsburgh.
In addition, Pittsburgh is superior to Super Bowl twice recently; there is it.
Therefore I think that I want Green Bay that is not superior to Super Bowl to win for a long time

I am glad if I have you learn it when there is such a person in Japan.
Because I am not good at English , please permit it it even if I wrote a strange sentence.
I thank for having had you read.